Network Application

People entering into our network can typically look forward to the “Four Step Process" after the application and background check is completed.   The application to begin the "Four Step Process" and background check requires a $75.00 fee.


INITIAL CONVERSATION: After we receive your application and fees, we will schedule an interview for you with our ruling elder. The elder will interview you about your sense of calling and go over your Minister Profile and Minister Resume which shows God’s calling in the context of your life journey. 


LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT:  While your character is already being assessed during the interviews, it becomes the focal point in this stage of the process. A Ministry Strengths Profile Assessment is required in this step of our consideration.   A representative from the network will review this profile with you.  


ACADEMIC EVALUATION:  We desire to fully understand your academic achievement and demonstrated ability. Typical academic expectations are required for a pastor wanting to start a Vertical Impact Church with the Vertical Impact Network. Current education will be taken into consideration, however if you need education that can be done through Vertical Impact University


JOURNEYS END:  Upon completion of the Calling, Character, and Competency steps and with the Network Elder’s approval, your appointment will be approved. You will receive all official documents, which include an embossed network certificate, ID card, and letter of good standing.